Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -
Consultation With Artist Kelly -

Consultation With Artist Kelly

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 Experience declared:

Practicing Artist since 2010


I have worked one on one with many clients to have their ideas concepts and dreams come to fruition via paint or paper. I am self motivated, pay close attention and listen to the people I work with in order to have their art piece feel personal. I am confident in my attention to detail the little touches that make you look twice at my art- I hope to invoke conversation, not just a piece that ties the room together, but a little bit of both. My weakness would be my lack of professional setting experience I have worked autonomically for over 10 years, I am hoping to learn from this setting and grow as an artist. I’m hoping I can truly be my creative self.


Available Consultation Types

    • Virtual General Initial Consultation With An Artist
    • Virtual Follow-Up Consultation With An Artist
    • Onsite Residential Creating Art For Your Space Initial Consultation
    • Onsite Residential Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
    • Onsite Commercial Creating Art For Your Space Initial Consultation
    • Onsite Commercial Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
    • From Picture To Hand Painted Art
    • From Picture To Hand Drawn Sketch

Get To Know Me!

When did you realize you had a passion for your profession?

My first memory is getting in trouble for drawing on the walls, but then followed up by praise from my parents because I had a knack for art. I had been tested for my spatial intelligence and it was quite high. I have been obsessed with improving my artistic ability since I was a very young girl. When I realized I loved to draw nothing else really mattered in the world, I not only have e ability to create but I have the ability to create connections through my artwork with people. It’s not just about expressing myself or developing skill, I learned I can bring people together with a piece of art.


Interior Design Professionals are typically experienced with a variety of styles. Describe your favorite spaces you have created:

For my personal art, I am attracted to more surrealist styles. Animals and people with certain colors that I’m drawn to at the time. The colors I use the most over time would be Blue and Orange with themes that provoke thought with our current times. If I am working with a client I listen to their wants and needs and trying to make their idea come to life. I research extensively on the topic. I don’t just go off of the information they have given in me I believe in going above and beyond in understanding what it is they want and need for their space. I have painted people, created several t-shirt designs, and some people have purchased my art and sculptures as is.


Favorite places you have visited that sparked your artistic side or inspired you to design:

 When I feel artistically blocked I usually sleep a lot and rest. I have learned if I’m not sparked it’s because I am over stimulated from the constant information. So I sleep or I go hiking in nature with no music or technology.


Your top 3 favorite foods to eat if all food was equally healthy:

Unlimited fruit
Ice cream
Orange chicken


Any other languages you are fluent in?

 No, I am learning Spanish

Fun fact about you:

I grew up in the Appalachian mountains isolated from a lot of different people. My family moved across country by van when I was twelve years old and I got to see a lot of the United States and meet a lot of different people.




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Expectation Steps of Requested Booking

1) Your consultant will be sent your requested day and time of consultation
2) Your consultant will either "agree and confirm" or "request a reschedule"
3) If a reschedule or consultant reassignment is needed then you will be contacted with a new consultant suggestion based on similar qualifications and schedule availability of new consultant.
4) Once both parties have agreed, a confirmation of acceptance will be emailed out.
5) In the event no consultant is available to meet your requested booking time frame and/or appointment type your payment will be refunded.


Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time prior to 48 hours before your consultation takes place. Appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of your appointment time-frame will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


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