About Us

InteriorDesignsToGo.com is an Interior Design eCommerce website. We are well known for our "Sell My Home Full Accessory Staging Kit" as well as our "Feature Cards Home Marketing Kits."

Working close with many Interior Designers as well as real estate agents inspired us to create both kits to take the marketing of homes for sale to the next level. Depending on the needs of the sellers, one seller may choose to buy the full accessory staging kit with feature cards and 39 accessories to help freshen your home and get it ready for showings while other sellers may already have staging arranged and are just in need of the feature cards.

Many sellers don't realize up front that the agents showing their home will not be the same agent they have hired to get their home listed. This created a gap in knowledge leaving many agents and prospective buyers unsure about each of the home's features they are looking at.

The feature cards have helped guide the prospective buyers, tenants and appraisers in realizing the features of the home as they walk by. Wouldn't you want to point out the your Den can be turned into an additional bedroom? Yes! and one of our 100 feature cards will point that out. You may want to let them know that they can ask for your appliances in the offer, well one of our feature cards points that out. How about solar? it is not the most visible feature of the home as it is usually located on the roof but one of our feature cards will point that out. These are just 3 examples out of 100 that you will be able to call out while placing these feature cards throughout your home.

InteriorDesignsToGo.com, a DBA of Edinhart Realty & Design was founded by Interior Designer/ CEO of Edinhart Realty & Design Melisa Spolini. Many others were and are currently involved in the process such as Interior Design Director Katrina Jensen and other Interior Designers mostly located in Fresno, CA. InteriorDesignsToGo.com is now much bigger than just our small group of people in the Central Valley of California. Our website now reflects many Independent consultants nationwide. Consultants are not only Interior Designers but our network also includes: Architects, Landscape Designers, Lighting Designer, Floral Designers, Artists, Interior Decorators, Stagers and more.