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Consultation With Interior Designer Allison

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We have received a copy of the following:

Associate of Arts- Interior Design

Experience declared:

Been practicing in the field since 2018

 I would say my strengths are space planing, construction documents, and 3D renderings. I love every aspect of these strengths, because I like to see the outcome of the design.


 Available Consultation Types:

  • Virtual General Initial Consultation
  • Virtual Follow-Up Consultation
  • Virtual Service (non-consultation) Designer books this time to create a personalized Mood Board for client (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Residential Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Residential Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Residential Decorating Consultation
  • Onsite Residential Decorating Implementation Session (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Staging Consultation In Preparation for Selling My Home
  • Onsite In-Home Furniture Layout & Reconfiguration Consultation
  • Onsite In-House Furniture Layout & Reconfiguration Session (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Seasonal In-Home Decorating Consultation
  • Onsite Decor Implementation Session (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Making the Most of Current Furniture & Decoration Consultation
  • Onsite Making The Most Of Current Furniture & Decorations Implementation Session (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Shop With A Design Expert Consultation (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite In-House Implementation Session (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Builder Design Appointment Assistance With New Home Selections for Home Buyers
  • Onsite In-Home Paint Color Selection Assistance
  • Onsite Residential Onsite Remodeling Consultation
  • Onsite Residential Floor Plan Assistance Consultation
  • Onsite Interior Room Rendering Consultation
  • Onsite Interior Design Assistance For Builders
  • On-Site Commercial Design Consultation
  • On-Site Commercial Floor Plan Assistance Consultation
  • 3D Rendering Initial Consultation

 Get To Know Me!

When did you realize you had a passion for your profession?

I realized I had a passion for Interior Design when I went to college for originally Fashion Design. I wasn’t in love with what I did when it came to Fashion Design. That’s when I discussed options with my advisor and that’s when she recommended Interior Design. I then realized I had always had a passion for space planning and designing interior spaces.


Interior Design Professionals are typically experienced with a variety of styles. Describe your favorite spaces you have created:

-Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH): Projects such as 2 Sports Rehabilitation Centers, a Medical Office Building, and a Women’s Children’s Hospital -Art Deco remodel in San Diego, California -Multi-Family Pool Space in Las Vegas, Nevada


Favorite places you have visited that sparked your artistic side or inspired you to design:


- France: Inspired my design in many ways, one being Rococo and the Gothic Style

-England: Has inspired my design by influenced by the Romanesque style


Your top 3 favorite foods to eat if all food was equally healthy:

1. Pizza 2. French Fries 3. Pasta

Any other languages you are fluent in?

I am not. I would like to learn Spanish.


Fun fact about you:


I recently got married in 2019 on September 7th.




Consultants represent their own or other specific companies they work for. Please beware that serves only as a consultant listing service & will not be a part of any agreement implemented as a result of any consultation booked on this website. By booking this appointment you agree to hold harmless from the outcome of any consultation booked on this website. Please review and discuss any agreements directly with your consultant as well as their own terms, agreements, disclosures, plans, insurance, time frames, pricing on additional services & product purchased outside website etc. It is encouraged for you to do your due diligence during the first consultation and ensure your selected consultant is a good candidate to move forward with your specific project.



Expectation Steps of Requested Booking

1) Your consultant will be sent your requested day and time of consultation
2) Your consultant will either "agree and confirm" or "request a reschedule"
3) If a reschedule or consultant reassignment is needed then you will be contacted with a new consultant suggestion based on similar qualifications and schedule availability of new consultant.
4) Once both parties have agreed, a confirmation of acceptance will be emailed out.
5) In the event no consultant is available to meet your requested booking time frame and/or appointment type your payment will be refunded.


Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time prior to 48 hours before your consultation takes place. Appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of your appointment time-frame will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


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