Consultation With Artist & Lighting Designer Ross -
Consultation With Artist & Lighting Designer Ross -
Consultation With Artist & Lighting Designer Ross -
Consultation With Artist & Lighting Designer Ross -
Consultation With Artist & Lighting Designer Ross -

Consultation With Artist & Lighting Designer Ross

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Experience declared:

-Bachelor of Fine Arts
-Practicing Artist for many years and lighting designer since 2014. Some landscape design experience since 2017

-Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College

Versed in interior design, visual merchandising, and art direction, I utilize my natural creative abilities to accomplish any assigned project. I understand the importance and strive to develop deep and lasting relationships with every individual I work with. My ongoing passion is evident in my work ethic and presents an opportunity for a company to gain an individual with enthusiasm and a solid understanding of multiple industries.  


Available Consultation Types

  • Virtual General Initial Consultation With An Artist
  • Virtual Follow-Up Consultation With An Artist
  • Onsite Residential Creating Art For Your Space Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Residential Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Commercial Creating Art For Your Space Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Commercial Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
  • From Picture To Hand Painted Art
  • From Picture To Hand Drawn Sketch

Get To Know Me!

When did you realize you had a passion for your profession?

Way back in elementary school, my art teacher noticed my talents. In 4th grade, I was asked to work on redesigning a local park (created a landscape plan, selected new benches, picked colors for the gate to be repainted...). I was awarded "Artist of the year" in 5th grade, an award that had never been given out prior! In HS, as a freshman, I was brought onto a design team for a ceramic mural that was going to be installed in the new HS being built. I was working with Juniors and Seniors (who hated the fact that I was this young newbie). My design ended up being chosen and will forever live in Northville HS. College, I studied the Arts and musical theater. This program really just honed my skills and continued to nurture my creative talents. The hardest part of college for me was locking down one specific profession. I always pushed back saying I wanted to do ALL things creative, not just 1 specific field of work. A great professor told me that that means I need to become a master in many fields and work towards being a Creative Director. He said that he imagined me owning my own business one day - and here I am!

Interior Design Professionals are typically experienced with a variety of styles. Describe your favorite spaces you have created:

My personal style I call “Organic Modern”. I love the use of neutral color tones and materials in their raw form. My home definitely shows this idea as all rooms have raw metals, natural wood tones, and some sort of stone/marble surface. Though this is my personal style, I can work in whatever my client loves. I’ve done Farm House to Mid-century Modern to Hollywood Glam! My favorite space as of now is actually my homes backyard. It is a private getaway filled with greenery, a outdoor Spanish style fireplace, and rustic decretive decor.

Favorite places you have visited that sparked your artistic side or inspired you to design:

Italy and Maldives are the top of the list. Italy holds tight to history, tradition, and family. With Interior Design, I love to add elements of history to my clients atmosphere. I feel it is really important to feature personal photography, art, and heirlooms. This is what separates a home from a house. I absolutely hate when I walk into someones place and it looks like page 8 of a CB2 or IKEA catalogue. This isn't design to me, this is replication. I feel what makes a space unique is the mixture of old and new. The Maldives way of design is all about creating a feeling of calm meet paradise. I feel like this is really important especially with landscape design specifically.


Your top 3 favorite foods to eat if all food was equally healthy:

Chinese, Italian, and anything potato!

Any other languages you are fluent in?





Fun fact about you:

I’m filled with surprises! One major surprise is that when I graduated HS, I was 5'8, 180 pounds, glasses, and jacked teeth. That summer, I truly shot up to 6 ft. Then over the next three years in college, I got contacts, started working out, and also got Invisalign. Seriously, my favorite teachers wouldn't recognize me. Friends from my MI life asked me if I was on "The Swan" - remember that show?!?! On a less vain note, people are surprised I did college in 3 years and got a BA. I was never a true academic. I wanted to get my degree and move to LA, CA. So, I had semesters where I double enrolled in Columbia taking classes for my degree and then online through a local community college to handle GEN EDS. This meant nearly 40 credit hours per semester. And I worked in a commission sales job to pay for it all too! I was busy to say the least. I’m also a huge Musical Theater geek. In HS I was in musicals all 4 years. My Senior Year I was in “Bye Bye Birdie” as Harry MacAfee (the dad). When driving around LA between clients, if I’m not listening to hip-hop/rap, I’m sing songs from CATS or ballads by Celine Dion!



Consultants represent their own or other specific companies they work for. Please beware that serves only as a consultant listing service & will not be a part of any agreement implemented as a result of any consultation booked on this website. By booking this appointment you agree to hold harmless from the outcome of any consultation booked on this website. Please review and discuss any agreements directly with your consultant as well as their own terms, agreements, disclosures, plans, insurance, time frames, pricing on additional services & product purchased outside website etc. It is encouraged for you to do your due diligence during the first consultation and ensure your selected consultant is a good candidate to move forward with your specific project.


Expectation Steps of Requested Booking

1) Your consultant will be sent your requested day and time of consultation
2) Your consultant will either "agree and confirm" or "request a reschedule"
3) If a reschedule or consultant reassignment is needed then you will be contacted with a new consultant suggestion based on similar qualifications and schedule availability of new consultant.
4) Once both parties have agreed, a confirmation of acceptance will be emailed out.
5) In the event no consultant is available to meet your requested booking time frame and/or appointment type your payment will be refunded.


Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time prior to 48 hours before your consultation takes place. Appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of your appointment time-frame will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


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