Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria -

Consultation With Landscape Designer Victoria

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Documentation received:

-Bachelor of Science Degree

-Master of Arts in Theory of Urban Practice Degree

Experience declared: 

-Practicing in the field since 2014


I am inquisitive, resourceful and do not give up unless my client is completely satisfied. I have always presented my clients with options - and always pushed their thinking; and feel it is essential to communicate - even excessively at times - because more often than not some detail comes up, or a strong personal relationship is established and the design process becomes a complete breeze, and the result and the product something everyone is proud of. I have worked on everything from architectural renovations, design and fit-out of bars and restaurant, gardens and landscape features, as well as urban design projects for councils (Australia) and developers. Through my background and training I have integrated sustainability with design practice, and have been lucky to work and create at these vastly different scales. Perhaps most relevant training, pertaining to that fine level of detail, would have been years I spent mentoring with Michael Graves' model maker Don Menke, who designed interiors and built furniture for high-end commercial clients for 30+ years.



Available Consultation Types

  • Virtual General Initial Consultation With A Landscape Designer
  • Virtual Follow-Up Consultation With A Landscape Designer (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Residential Landscape Design For Your Front/Back Yard Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Residential Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Commercial Landscape Design Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Commercial Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)


Get To Know Me!

When did you realize you had a passion for your profession?

When I realized the incredible power of design to bring out the essential in life, to change how we behave and look at the world, and to make it a better place for everyone. Design opened doors to appreciating nature, craft, and being a human on this planet. I've always been around people that built and designed things. What separates them and everyone else is that patience, to sit with something, in a way meditate on that thing, concept or idea and make something out of nothing.


Interior Design Professionals are typically experienced with a variety of styles. Describe your favorite spaces you have created:

In garden or home or commercial interior design, one of the most important goals at this stage of my professional consulting is to introduce people to Vastu Architecture as well as permaculture. I approach problems with a systems design thinking. It often goes beyond the aesthetic, but closely tied to it. Essentially those two disciplines are about physiological connection - one cosmic, and the other very much earth-bound. Vastu Architecture is an older discipline that gave root to Feng Shui, however a lot more vigorous and distilled. Permaculture, naturally has to do with rebuilding a functional connection to the natural world around us, as well as within us. In both disciplines, design is something a lot deeper and an active part of every day living. Both have tremendous implication - improving everything from sleep and relationships, to reducing bills and creating unique, tailored spaces, to even having such benefits as being protective during wildfires, and other disasters (vastu).

If I had to describe my style in few words, I would say the key aspects that emerge are originality/authenticity, durability, and comfort. I have heard from a client that patrons at his Karaoke Club and Bar respond with surprise at how accurate a fit-out is to a Japanese alleyway or an authentic karaoke joint in Shibuya. Another client commented that the garden design I delivered has so nicely completed his house renovation project, that it feels like it literally turned his life in right direction (here vastu principles played a major role). Because of the many commercial and urban design work I have done, social research and data have been a driver in responding to specific briefs, and the envelope has always been pushed by us as placemakers because our key goal is to improve the urban environment - in work, socialising and play. Essentially I'd like to keep pushing my clients to pursue sometimes unconventional ideas if I see these fit.



Favorite places you have visited that sparked your artistic side or inspired you to design:

Any Louis Khan building - this is architecture that is monumental and will be here forever and will be appreciated more and more as time passes. Seeing any of his work is inspirational, all you can think of is that some generations later this will be one of seven wonders of the world.

Machu Picchu has had a lasting impact in terms of how landscape has been used to accomodate a very lively mountain city with its plumbing, farming and cosmology.

Visiting the hills of Val Paraiso in Chile - where layers of the city, art and culture have been so beautifully intertwined that it redefines the role street art has in urban fabric.

Finally, Porto, Portugal - the complete package of city and its juxtaposition of elegant and modern public infrastructure and crumbling old buildings, excellence in music, food, heritage and art. City to get lost and found in...

Landscape anywhere sparks my artistic side - even when living in Iowa among fields of corn, I was inspired by the landscape that was... 99% of prairie in Iowa has been destroyed for example. Most people consider almost all of midwest a dull landscape, knowing little of the grandiose beauty of ancient prairie, with its 70% below ground root growth... and so on.


Your top 3 favorite foods to eat if all food was equally healthy:

I love healthy food! Potatoes (mashed, papas bravas, belgian double fried potatoes with meat sauce, scalloped potatoes... three potato soup from Peru... omg stop) Wild greens salad Oysters


Any other languages you are fluent in?

Russian and Spanish


Fun fact about you:

I am a pretty good aggressive inline rollerblader, if I do say so myself.


 Consultants represent their own or other specific companies they work for. Please beware that serves only as a consultant listing service & will not be a part of any agreement implemented as a result of any consultation booked on this website. By booking this appointment you agree to hold harmless from the outcome of any consultation booked on this website. Please review and discuss any agreements directly with your consultant as well as their own terms, agreements, disclosures, plans, insurance, time frames, pricing on additional services & product purchased outside website etc. It is encouraged for you to do your due diligence during the first consultation and ensure your selected consultant is a good candidate to move forward with your specific project.



Expectation Steps of Requested Booking

1) Your consultant will be sent your requested day and time of consultation
2) Your consultant will either "agree and confirm" or "request a reschedule"
3) If a reschedule or consultant reassignment is needed then you will be contacted with a new consultant suggestion based on similar qualifications and schedule availability of new consultant.
4) Once both parties have agreed, a confirmation of acceptance will be emailed out.
5) In the event no consultant is available to meet your requested booking time frame and/or appointment type your payment will be refunded.


Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time prior to 48 hours before your consultation takes place. Appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of your appointment time-frame will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


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