Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack -
Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack -

Consultation With Landscape Designer Jack

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Experience declared:

-BS Industrial Design

-Practicing Landscape Design since 2017

-I am a Bay Area born and raised Landscape Designer operating in the beautiful hills of Berkeley, California. I leverage my years of experience designing and building high-end residential gardens in the Bay Area to provide clients with solutions to transform their outdoor property into an inspiring, comfortable environment. My approach seeks to provide solutions that elevates clients’ unique lifestyles, while promoting both short and long term value to their property. Operating in one of the most diverse and challenging geographic areas imaginable, every design is tailored to the client’s unique conditions. As an active promoter of outdoor well-being, I design gardens that are ecologically sound, promoting installations that are pollinator friendly, water-wise, and energy efficient. Throughout the design process, I provide clients with visual aids as necessary to ensure our visions are harmonized. Inspiration boards, hand sketching, and CAD renderings give clients a clear picture of what the final result will entail.


Available Consultation Types

  • Virtual General Initial Consultation With A Landscape Designer
  • Virtual Follow-Up Consultation With A Landscape Designer (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Residential Landscape Design For Your Front/Back Yard Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Residential Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)
  • Onsite Commercial Landscape Design Initial Consultation
  • Onsite Commercial Follow-Up Consultation (requires prior consultation)

Get To Know Me!

When did you realize you had a passion for your profession?


I have always loved the outdoors, and using nature as the focal point for artistic expression. As a kid, my friends and I spent countless days exploring the hidden gems of the East Bay hills. We would follow the deer tracks to secret waterfalls, or find giant boulder outcroppings wading in a sea of native grasses. The sculptural beauty nature had created was all around me, and as a young professional, I found Landscape Design to be a medium that could bring that beauty into peoples' homes.


Interior Design Professionals are typically experienced with a variety of styles. Describe your favorite spaces you have created:

Rather than embracing one particular style, the projects that get me the most excited are one's where the client is willing to embrace one theme, and execute it cohesively throughout the garden. This helps the garden really get into its element, and avoids aesthetic confusion between the garden and the architecture. My plant palette centers around low maintenance, native-centric plants that provide year round interest and are well suited to the clients site.


Favorite places you have visited that sparked your artistic side or inspired you to design:


Yosemite, Tomales Bay, Joshua Tree, Berlin, Copenhagen


Your top 3 favorite foods to eat if all food was equally healthy:

Anything homemade! But I have a special weakness for breakfast food.


Any other languages you are fluent in?

 French (intermediate)

German (beginner)


Fun fact about you:

 While in college, I studied abroad in London for a year. During that time, I traveled around Europe volunteering on self-sufficient farms, learning about sustainable land management practices.


 Consultants represent their own or other specific companies they work for. Please beware that serves only as a consultant listing service & will not be a part of any agreement implemented as a result of any consultation booked on this website. By booking this appointment you agree to hold harmless from the outcome of any consultation booked on this website. Please review and discuss any agreements directly with your consultant as well as their own terms, agreements, disclosures, plans, insurance, time frames, pricing on additional services & product purchased outside website etc. It is encouraged for you to do your due diligence during the first consultation and ensure your selected consultant is a good candidate to move forward with your specific project.



Expectation Steps of Requested Booking

1) Your consultant will be sent your requested day and time of consultation
2) Your consultant will either "agree and confirm" or "request a reschedule"
3) If a reschedule or consultant reassignment is needed then you will be contacted with a new consultant suggestion based on similar qualifications and schedule availability of new consultant.
4) Once both parties have agreed, a confirmation of acceptance will be emailed out.
5) In the event no consultant is available to meet your requested booking time frame and/or appointment type your payment will be refunded.


Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time prior to 48 hours before your consultation takes place. Appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of your appointment time-frame will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


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